What We Are And What We Do


Dominant Enterprise Berhad (221206- D)

Dominant Enterprise Berhad is a public listed company on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Today, the company is proud to have thirteen (13) subsidiaries under its wings that are, among others, involved in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly engineered wood mouldings, laminated wood panel products as well as the distribution and export of a wide range of wood products worldwide.


Development of The Group

The history of the Group stems from its distribution operation in Singapore under AIPL, which commenced operations in 1992, mainly supplying plywood and other wood-based products to the local building industry and furniture manufacturers. With growing business opportunities in Malaysia buoyed by the property market boom, the Group subsequently ventured into the Malaysian market in 1993 and set up its first operation in Kuala Lumpur with the incorporation of ISB. In the same year, CTSB was incorporated and started its operation in Johor Bahru to tap into the markets in the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Later in 1993, AIPL, CTSB and ISB were consolidated under DEB and became the wholly-owned subsidiaries of DEB.

At various stages throughout a 10-year duration, DEB Group has via its subsidiaries, ISB and CTSB, expanded to other regions in the Peninsular Malaysia by setting up business stations in various strategic locations, such as Muar, Butterworth, Kuantan and Kota Bahru, to expand market reach. At present, the Group has established a comprehensive distribution network in the Peninsular Malaysia.

Subsequently, in 1994, based on the favourable prospects of the global building industry and furniture market, the Group incorporated PWSB to undertake the manufacturing of primed MDF mouldings and wrapped mouldings. The products are environmental friendly and exported to over 20 countries around the world.

Then, in 2000, BISB was set up to produce laminated wood panel which is a popular value-added raw material for the manufacturing of knockdown furniture components. BISB is strategically located in Muar, Johor which is the furniture hub of Malaysia.

To further expand its product range and tap on the existing distribution network, DEB decided in 2001 to acquired JSB, a company which is principally engaged in the distribution of printed wood panel products and building materials to the building industry, local furniture industry as well as other industry related wholesalers.

In 2003, DEB was successfully listed on the Second Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, now known as Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Then, in a bid to expand market share in Malaysia, DEB acquired a 70% stake in KGISB in 2004. This represents an expansion of DEB's wood panel products distribution market into the hitherto unknown territory of East Malaysia.

As part of DEB's globalization plan, at the beginning of 2005, AIPL set up a representative office in the city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to better service potential customers in Vietnam. In particular, with the booming furniture manufacturing industry in Vietnam, the new representative office hopes to ride on this growth pattern.

In 2005, in view of the success of BISB in Muar, Johor as well as the growing demand for laminated wood panel products, another production line was set up in Butterworth under ECO. At the same time, DEB also expanded its distribution operatiaons to Australia via its new subsidiary GPPL.

On 20 October 2005, DEB was successfully transferred from the Second Board to the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

In early 2006, in order to cope with an expanding business, the office of BISB were moved to a substantially larger factory and warehouse on a 3 acre piece of land. Similarly, in order to accommodate the business in Johor Bahru, DEB has set up another subsidiary, DAMAI, under which a corporate office and a modern factory and warehouse would be built on a part of a 20 acre piece of land. CTSB is expected to move into this new warehouse when it is completed.

With the emergence of Vietnam as an economic powerhouse, DEB has in 2007 leased a 3.5 acre land for 48 years in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. At the same time a new subsidiary in Vietnam namely AWVCL has been formed for the purpose of setting up a factory for downstream activities. The factory was completed in year 2009 and the main activity is producing laminated wood panel for the furniture and building material industries in Vietnam market.

In 2011, EISB added another production line was set up in Selangor to cater for the demand in Central Peninsular Malaysia. This became the 6th production laminated line of DEB. In the same year, PWSB added another 3 wrapping lines to increase the total to 6 production lines. For the distribution division, DEB has acquired the remaining 30% stake in KGISB. Hence, KGISB has became a wholly owned subsidiary of DEB.

In terms of geographical presence, DEB continued to make progress in  penetration of the Thailand market. In addition to the representative office set up in 2011, DEB recently set up a subsidiary namely FWTCL in 2013 to establish a firmer foothold in the country. The new setup also included enlarging DEB’s warehouse facility to manage the increasing sales volume. 

With the expansion of the Group's business, DEB is optimistic about its long term prospects and will actively explore to overseas markets to further improve the profitability of the Group and provide greater returns to the shareholders.